5 Ideas To Make Your Next Brunch A Total Breeze

Do you have family and friends coming over? Maybe it’s a holiday or a family reunion. Take the stress out of cooking for a crowd with these easy tips!


Make What You Can The Night Before

Some simple prep work can go a long way. If you know you’ve got some yogurt lovers popping by, try making some individual yogurt parfait or chia pudding cups. Store them in the fridge the night before for simply delicious start to the morning.


Let The Oven Do The Work

When making breakfast for a crowd, prep space and stovetop burners could be in short supply. Why not let the oven do the work and bake savory dishes like bacon and hash browns in the oven on baking trays – leaving you with more room (and time) to work on the eggs.


An easy and quick egg, cheese and tomato breakfast sandwich made with Stonefire® Original Naan Rounds

Everyone Loves Breakfast Sandwiches

If you’re looking for a simple crowd pleaser, try breakfast sandwiches. Fry an egg, add some bacon (or sausage), sprinkle some cheese, and tie it all together with an our Stonefire® Naan Rounds!

Make A Brunch Bar

Got an extra large crowd heading over? Skip the serving and create a breakfast bar. Lay out a spread of yogurt, granola, fruit, Stonefire® Naan Dippers®, and maybe some cured meats to create a delicious looking spread. Let people serve themselves at their leisure!

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