Stonefire® Again Named The #1 Most Trusted Artisan Flatbread Brand In America!

We are thrilled and honored to be named the #1 Most Trusted Artisan Flatbread brand in America by BrandSpark International for the second year in a row1.

This designation is very special to us, because over 18,000 Americans Shoppers were surveyed without bias from brands, advertisers or juries.  Just honest feedback from the people we care about most, our consumers.

We produce flatbreads that are noticeably and deliciously different on first bite. Thoughtfully crafted, left to rise naturally and baked to draw out the authentic flavors and textures, our consumers know they can trust Stonefire® to deliver great tasting flatbreads worth sharing.

So to those who bring home the Stonefire® brand, thank you for your trust, for sharing our story, and for coming back for more. We take this designation seriously and will continue to put our passion to work making the best possible flatbreads for you and your family.

12020 BrandSpark American Trust Study

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