Stonefire® Divine Grilled Cheese Naan

Mouthwatering grilled cheese variations

It’s clear at this point that we at Stonefire® have a real soft spot for grilled cheese. Soft and buttery Stonefire® naan, mini naan (and even Naan Dippers®) are the perfect canvas for your grilled cheese cravings. Traditional grilled cheese add-ons like sliced tomato, bacon or avocado are simple ways to bring additional flavor and texture to a classic sandwich.

Lucky for us, Chef Alison never stops experimenting in the test kitchen. One of our all-time favorite Chef Alison creations is her Divine Dorito® Grilled cheese. This grilled cheese is savory crunchy and delicious.

For this extra special sandwich Chef Alison created a custom cheese blend using Monterey jack cheese, aged cheddar cheese, smoked cheddar cheese and queso cheese.  For maximum cheesy flavor, Chef Alison adds crushed Doritos® to the cheese blend. After pan toasting both sides of the naan in butter and melting the cheese, you will have a sandwich is packed with big flavors and big crunch!

Serve grilled cheese on naan alone for a simple lunch, or with tomato soup and side salad for an easy dinner idea. Transform a quick and simple sandwich into something special!

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The Divine Grilled Cheese Naan


  • 4 Stonefire®  Original Mini Naan
  • Cheese Blend – ½ cup of blend for each sandwich
  • ½ cup  Monterey Jack cheese
  •  ½ cup aged cheddar cheese
  • ¼ cup smoked cheddar cheese
  •  ¼ cup Queso cheese
  • ½  cup crushed Doritos®
  • Sliced pickled Jalapenos – to taste
  • 2 tablespoons softened butter


  • Arrange cheese blend, pickled jalapenos and crushed Doritos® in between the Naan with the bubble side out.
  • Preheat frying pan large enough to hold the Naan over medium heat. Add butter to pan.
  • Once melted, add Naan and flip immediately to coat both sides of Naan with butter.
  • When bottom is golden brown (approx. 5- 7min.), flip Naan and continue to brown for another 5- 7 min. or so, making sure the cheese is nicely melted inside (if not, place a lid over pan for a minute or so).
  • Transfer to cutting board, let sit for one minute, and then cut into 4 pieces, and enjoy! A pickle on the side is a nice compliment.
jalapeno dorito naan grilled cheese

If you try  this recipe at home, we would love to hear from you. Tag us @stonefirenaan on Instagram with the finished product!