Stonefire® Fall Favs

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As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, we know we’re headed into Fall. Saying goodbye to Summer doesn’t mean going back to boring. Break away from basic with pillowy, rich and obsessable Stonefire®. From graze all day snack ideas to easy lunches on the go, we’ve got awesome autumn inspiration (and savings!) below.

Same old bread bringing down your midday meal? Stonefire® is here to save your sad lunch.  Wave ‘ta-ta’ to tired turkey clubs. Take on tradition and serve that sammy on rich obsessable Stonefire® Naan Rounds. Start with a warm Naan Round, stack your turkey, swiss cheese, tomato and bacon as high as you like and top with the other Naan Round.

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stonefire naan with spaghetti and basil

Falling back into a hectic Fall routine can be tough, but with Stonefire® you can easily turn last night’s dinner into today’s quick easy lunch. Break up with boring bread and serve soft, pillowy Stonefire® with leftover ravioli or spaghetti.  Peace out plain pasta, Stonefire® naan is here to level up your lunchtime.

Send same old packing and get to snacking with a Stonefire®  snack board. Toss the tired tortilla chips and swap in soft fluffy Stonefire® Naan Dippers®. The best thing about snack boards is that you can use whatever snacks you’ve got in your pantry! Since Naan Dippers®  can be frozen for up to a year and retain freshness, it’s easy to have Stonefire® on hand anytime. Tell basic bread to beat it and enjoy Stonefire®  tonight!

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