4 Ways Naan Can Elevate Any Dinner

Whether it’s lunch, dinner or even dessert, the number of dishes that can be made around naan are countless, but have you considered naan on its own?

The timeless taste of Stonefire® Naan is a welcome addition to any dining table. Perfect on its own – buttery, fluffy, with a hint of smokiness – consider serving it by itself on its own plate as a complementary side to other dishes, as a warm-up to the main course, or tear it up into a few pieces for dips, soups and more. 

Freshly baked naan on cutting board

Pre-Dinner Snack

Last-minute dinner guests? No problem. Just like at your favorite restaurant, why not warm up some naan for the table to snack on? Brush it with a bit of oil or serve it with some oil for guests to dip themselves. Add your own dried herbs to emulsify the oil – otherwise just heat up our Stonefire® Roasted Garlic Naan as a garlic bread alternative. It’ll be a big hit at the table. 

Easy simple and quick chili bowl with naan for dipping

Side Bread

Traditionally with Indian food, naan (or other various Indian breads) is served as an accompaniment to curry, chutney, saag paneers, etc. to scoop the contents of your meal up. In Italy, bread is served with your meal, and used to scoop the remaining pasta sauce from the bowl (‘fare la scarpetta’). Serving chili, stew or a saucy pasta – like this one? Bring out the Stonefire® Naan for the family to enjoy. 

Dipping Bread

From charcuterie boards to cheesy artichoke dips – Stonefire® Naan Dippers® are made for these snacking and dipping! Soft and fluffy these Bite-sized naan are always good to have on hand to create a deliciously unique appetizer. 

Between Wine, Beer or Spirit Tastings

Doing a wine, beer or spirits tasting? Consider serving Stonefire® Naan with some fruit and olives as a snack in between tastings. It’ll help set the tone for the next tasting, and you’ll appreciate the small snack so that there’s no crossover of flavors!