Dinner Party Rescue: 3 Delicious Flatbread Recipes You Can Make At The Speed Of Light

It took a few weeks of back-and-forth emails, but the date is circled and friends have confirmed. Congratulations on deciding to host a fabulous dinner party.

But not everything goes as planned. You got home from work late, and you’ve got 30 minutes to pull together the main course. The clock is ticking – what are you going to do?

Flatbread to the rescue!

Got any Stonefire® on hand? If so, you’ve got options.

It’s made from high quality ingredients and is super versatile. Turn our authentic flatbreads into an app for sharing, an accompaniment to a dip, a flatbread pizza or even a delectable dessert. The possibilities are endless. We’ll help you with a head start. To add some #dinnerpartygoals cred to your name, here are three easy and simple recipes you can make in 10 minutes or less.

Bacon, Brie, Walnut and Arugula Flatbread Pizza

Bacon meets brie, walnuts meet arugula, sweet meets savory. Finished with a drizzle of honey, this flatbread pizza is the ultimate combination of mouthwatering flavors.

Naan BLT Bites

This recipe combines everything you and your guests love about BLTs and packs it into one bite! Quick to assemble, these make for an excellent appetizer that’ll be sure to impress.

Flatbread Bruschetta Bites

Flatbread Bruschetta Bites

Bruschetta is a universal favourite – try switching it up with naan! This recipe is an easy go-to that’s perfect all-year round, it’ll become your appetizer, snack or entrée pairing staple.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a big family bash – take the stress out of the equation. Just turn to these easy recipe ideas when in a pinch, so you’ll never have to frantically search your fridge to see what you can make from pickles and toothpicks.

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