5 Lunch Ideas You Can Make With Naan

Are you eating the same meal for lunch every day? If so, It’s probably time to switch things up. Our line of incredible Stonefire® Naan lets you get creative in the kitchen.

There’s a misconception that naan is only to be paired with Indian food. Don’t get us wrong, Stonefire® Naan’s deliciously charred and buttery flavors are a fantastic pairing to Indian food – but the buck doesn’t stop there.

Fold it. Wrap it. Toast it. Turn it into a sandwich, or a pizza. Or add our Stonefire® Naan dippers to an appetizer spread to turn it into a quick lunch meal. There’s plenty of ways you can use our authentic flatbreads to keep you inspired in the kitchen.

Here are a few quick and easy lunch recipes to get you thinking:

Whole Grain Naan Veggie Hummus Fold

Whole Grain Naan Veggie Fold

Serve yourself a wholesome lunch using our Stonefire® Whole Grain Naan— an excellent source of fiber that’s layered with avocado, fresh vegetables and a thick spread of hummus.

Roasted Chicken and Arugula Panini

Roasted Chicken Arugula Panini

Bring out the flavors of Stonefire® Naan in a panini press, grill pan or outdoor grill! Roasted chicken, pesto, toasted pine nuts and arugula all pressed in a warm naan? This recipe will become your lunch staple.

Naan Dippers Bistro Box

Naan Dippers Bistro Box

From bento to bistro! This quick lunch recipe adds our bite-sized Stonefire® Naan Dippers to round out a versatile and delicious appetizer spread right into your lunchbox.

Mini Naan Egg Salad

A twist on the classic, this open-faced sandwich recipe using our Stonefire® Naan will completely change your perspective on the Egg Salad sandwich.

An easy and quick turkey, cranberry cheese and onion sandwich made with Stonefire Original Naan Rounds

Naan Rounds Turkey, Cheddar & Cranberry Sauce

Stonefire® Naan Rounds are the perfect sandwich canvas — and this recipe takes the classic turkey sandwich, and turns it up a few notches. Enjoy the flavors of roasted turkey, cheddar cheese and sweet, tangy cranberry sauce sandwiched between delicious flatbread.