Ever wondered, What is NAAN?

Let’s break it down. NAAN, often pronounced as nah-ahn is an Indian flatbread legend known for its soft, pillowy texture and rich buttery flavor.

Authentic naan is crafted with fresh buttermilk and ghee (clarified butter) and is hand-stretched into its iconic teardrop shape, then kissed by fire in a high-heat oven, to give it that classic char and those unmistakable bubbles.

Delicious curry paired with traditional naan bread, illustrating 'What is Naan?' in Indian cuisine.

Why Stonefire® naan is a game-changer

Stonefire® Naan is known for its authenticity for taste, texture, and patented high-heat baking technology. Stonefire naan’s distinct qualities remain unrivaled:

  • Made with fresh buttermilk and ghee.
  • Baked directly on stone in our patented high heat oven.
  • Soft? Check. Pillowy? Double check.
  • Signature bubbles and char? All by design.
Explaining 'What is Naan?' - traditional Indian bread with characteristic bubbles and soft texture.

Elevate any Meal Occasion with Stonefire® Naan

Stonefire® Naan doesn’t just show up, it steals the show; its flavor and versatility can transform all your culinary experiences.

  • Elevate your curries or stews with Stonefire® Naan by your side.
  • Our Naan is here to revolutionize your sandwich and wrap routine.
  • Craving pizza? Swap out the usual for our flavor packed naan, crisp, golden, and totally customizable.
  • Dip it, dunk it, devour it. Stonefire® Naan is the life of the party when paired with your favorite dips and spreads.
Naan bread as a hotdog bun alternative, wrapped around a grilled sausage with condiments.