3 Ideas You Can Use To Make The Perfect Naan Sandwich

BLT. Egg Salad. Chicken Pesto. Roast Beef & Horseradish. Turkey Cranberry. Grilled Vegetables. There’s nothing as versatile as the sandwich. It’s something you can enjoy at any point of the day. It can be classic comfort, a quick meal for on-the-go, or a flavor-packed savory complement to soups and salads.

At Stonefire®, we’re always crafting, testing and playing with new recipes in our test kitchen. In our most recent batch, we decided to tackle sandwiches.

From the classics to the new – here are a few tried, true, and tested ideas that any sandwich lover will enjoy.

Idea #1
Elevate It… Upgrade Sandwiches with Naan Rounds!

You think you might know sandwiches but have you tried making one with Stonefire® Rounds? Every bit as buttery, charred and delicious as our Original Naan, their fluffy texture and hand-held sized makes them perfect for sandwiches. And just like our other naan products, they can be frozen to maintain freshness. So just pull one out of the freezer, pop it in the toaster and you’ll be minutes away from enjoying a dinner, lunch or breakfast sandwich — like this one!

An easy and quick egg, cheese and tomato breakfast sandwich made with Stonefire Original Naan Rounds

Naan Rounds Breakfast Sandwich

Add a twist to the classic breakfast sandwich using our Stonefire® Rounds. Simple, delicious and savory — is there anything more perfect than a slice of cheddar, tomato and eggs pressed between warm, toasted naan?  

Idea #2
Fill It… With Cheese!

When you combine cheese with our Stonefire® Naan something magical happens. Whether cubed, sliced, or melted, cheese elevates the buttery, bubbly and charred flavors of our authentic flatbread. When it doubt— just add cheese.

Mini Naan Grilled Cheese With Bacon

This is comfort food at it’s finest. Cheddar, bacon and butter sandwiched between our Stonefire® Mini Naan with a side of ketchup-mayo dipping sauce? We’ll let those flavors speak for itself.

Idea #3
Grill it… It’s perfect for the grill

Does the scent and image of a pressed or grilled naan make you salivate? We thought so. That’s because grilled naan really makes a meal. Grilling adds delicious flavor and texture to our soft pillowy naan and with freshly grilled naan there are tons of quick lunch and dinner ideas— like this grilled naan panini!

garlic naan panini

Garlic Naan Panini

Bring out the yummy, garlic-y flavor of Stonefire® Garlic Naan when you press it in a panini press or put it on the grill. Enjoy the flavors of grilled zucchini, portobello mushrooms, chicken and pesto with this recipe.

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