4 Unique Ways To Use Naan

Let’s be real for a minute, some people don’t quite ‘get’ naan. Some people think it’s “something you only eat with Indian food”, others think of it like pita bread.

The reality is, it’s a super-flexible flatbread with its own unique taste and rich history. The origins of naan date back the origins of cuisine itself. Over time, the recipe has evolved and variations have spread throughout the world — each culture putting their own spin on it.

But what’s remained authentic is that naan is designed with form and function. In other words, it was versatile then and it’s versatile now.

Top it. Fold it. Tear it. Dip it. Turn it into a sandwich, or a pizza. Rip a piece off and dip it in chili. Heck, some of our fans have even created naan ice cream cones!

Moral of the story is, there’s plenty of ways you can use our authentic flatbreads to elevate everyday meals. Here are a few of our favourite ways to use naan.

Tear it

Rip off a piece and use it as a scoop for chili – naan makes for delicious table bread.

Top it

Create personal pizzas, flatbreads for sharing or unique topped breakfast ideas.

Fold it

Perfect for sandwiches, paninis or even tacos.

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