3 Cheesy Naan Dinner Ideas You Have To Try

In the Stonefire® Test Kitchen, one of our favorite things to do to our authentic naan is to add cheese. It elevates the soft texture and buttery flavor of our flatbreads, and makes it a delicious addition to all sorts of quick and easy meals.

Whether it’s grated, sliced, spread – no matter how you like it prepared – there’s no wrong way to add cheese to naan. Maybe you’re melting a big slice of aged cheddar in between a folded naan so that it’s melting out the sides. Or sprinkling mounds of mozzarella on top as a pizza base. You could even quickly spread some goat cheese on our Naan Dippers® with a drizzle of honey for that amazingly-delicious, bite-sized appetizer – or assemble more to make it a meal!

Unless you’ve tried it – you would never know that Stonefire® Naan and cheese make for the perfect pairing.

Still unconvinced? Give these cheesy quick dinner ideas a try!

Mini Naan Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Enjoy quick comfort food that takes a classic and adds a twist. The char, contours and fluffy texture of our Mini Naan really puts the cheddar on a pedestal. Looking forward to dinner tonight yet?

Football Pizza Naan

Naan Football Pizza

Looking for a big point scoring recipe? Look no further! This football-shaped pizza will play well with your family on game day. Who said you can’t have fun with dinner?

Warm Naan Topped with Olive Oil and Cheese

Looking for a quick meal? Prepare this recipe and have it on the dinner table in 10 minutes! Accentuate the authentic flavors of our naan by brushing it with olive oil and sprinkling it with spicy chili flakes, Parmesan cheese and your preferred herbs.

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