Stonefire® Top 5 Camping Tips for 2021

Simple camping recipe ideas and bonus menu planner!

Camping season is in full swing and we’ve got tips to make the most of your time outdoors. Wave ‘Ta ta’ to a typical trip and pack your bags for a Naanconformist camping adventure! Whether you’re a first-time camper or seasoned pro, we’ve got easy camping meal ideas that give you a break from boring.  Send the same-old packing with our Top 5 Camping Tips for 2021!

1.Get your gear right

Kitchen gear we mean. Cast iron skillet, aluminum foil and a camp stove are all standard camp kitchen items. To make it a Naanconformist trip you’re gunna need a pie iron. Say ‘bye bye’ to basic camp food  and serve up sweet pie iron apple pies or savory grilled cheese using pillow soft Stonefire® Naan Rounds!

2 pie iron apple pies

2.Food first

The best part of camping is the food! Before you leave make sure you have all of your food organized for the trip. Just like making a great meal,  preparation before your camping trip is the key to a great time outside.  Start by listing out all of the meals you will need for your trip. Use the handy menu planner below to map out meals for your next camping trip! Take into account your trip length and how many hungry mouths you have to feed.

Once you have your menu set, get to prepping. Our campfire steak fajitas can easily be made  in advance!  Toss your tired tortillas and serve steak fajitas on rich, obssesible Stonefire® Mini Naan.  Slice your peppers ahead of time and store in resealable bags. Do the same with your deli meats and cheeses and you can say ‘See ya’ to soggy sandwiches and wraps.

                          red oranger and yellow peppers sliced in reusable bagStonefire Mini Naan Steak fajita in tin foil

3. Stash your Stonefire®

Separate your food into “wet” and “dry” coolers. The wet cooler will contain ice and foods that need to stay chilled. The dry cooler or bin will hold foods that can be stored at room temperature.  After planning your meals ahead, pack your food in coolers according to when you want to eat them.  Break up with boring camp foods on your next trip and swap in Stonefire®. Whether it’s Naan Rounds, Naan Dippers® or Mini Naan, an open flame or grill is all you need to bring out the soft pillowy goodness of Stonefire®. Before you leave home, check the date code sticker on the front of the package to make sure it’s fresh. Stash in your dry cooler until it’s time to make the pizza, savory grilled cheese or sweet pie iron apple pie.

4. Keep it clean

Stop animals from crashing your campsite by keeping the area clear of leftover food and trash. Store all uneaten food in a coolers in the car or away from camp. One pot meals, meals cooked in tinfoil or on a stick make camp clean up fast and easy.  This summer we’re enjoying delicious   one-pot campfire queso with mouthwatering Stonefire® Naan Dippers®. Peace out plain pairings and  Be A Naanconformist!

5. Know before you go

Organize ahead of time who is bringing what. Nothing is worse than arriving to your campsite to realize you forgot bug spray or sunscreen. Keep an eye on the weather and local conditions and pack accordingly. Confirm camp reservations and trail openings before you leave for your trip.  Once you have arrived at your campsite it’s time to set up camp and get some food going. Your pre-trip prep is about to pay off big time.  Get the fire going and in 10 minutes you’ll have a camp snack that is anything but ordinary.

                              campfire queso dip with Stonefire naan dippers

To help you start off your Naanconformist camping trip right,  we have not one but TWO print at home savings offers. Tell basic breads to beat it and swap in Stonefire®. Print your savings today before supplies run out!  Let us know in the comments your best camping tips

Happy Naanconformist Camping!

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