It’s Go Time for Grilling

Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill? Yep- been there. Done that. Just like naan is more than basic bread, Stonefire® can turn your standard backyard bbq into more than just ‘food on the grill’. Cancel the cliché cookout and serve everything from grilled veggies to tin foil fajitas on soft, rich Stonefire® naan. New to naan on the grill? Not sure where to start?  Fire up these easy recipes and kick your grilling up a naan. Tell boring buns and rolls to ‘beat it’ and give your guests the Naanconformist party of the summer.  #BeANaanconformist

1.Grilled veggies with Naan

With some tips from Chef Alison we have picked some fresh veggies to throw on the grill for a simple grilled mezze platter with naan. You don’t have to use the same summer veggies we did- grill what ya got but don’t forget the Stonefire® Naan. Make sure your grill is really hot before cooking and spritz the grill with a grilling oil before adding the veggies. Watch your veggies closely cause different veggies have different cook times. The naan only needs a few minutes on the grill until it’s super soft and fluffy. Peace out plain platters. #BeANaanconformist

2.Campfire Naan Pizza

Campfire Naan Pizza

So long soggy pizza. Get a crispy crunch on your crust by making your naan pizza on the grill.  Brush the naan with oil and balsamic vinegar and arrange tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on top until the naan is grilled to a golden brown color. Finish with salt, pepper and basil leaves. Get outside and get grilling now.  Break away from basic and #BeANaanconformist

3. Tin Foil Fajitas

Stonefire Mini Naan Steak fajita in tin foil

Toss your tired tortillas and serve steak fajitas on rich, obssesible Stonefire® Mini Naan. In our Camping Tips blog we talked up the importance of food prep before your trip. Go ahead and slice your peppers ahead of time and store in resealable bags. When you’re ready- set up the campfire and get to grilling. So long sad steak fajitas! #BeANaanconformist.

4.Greek Style Grilled Naan Pizza

Greek Style Grilled Naan Pizza

Serve up some Greek flavors without leaving the comfort of your backyard. Brush rich, pillowy Stonefire®  naan  with an oregano and oil mixture and top the naan with tomatoes, feta, mozzarella and olives before placing it on the grill. Wave ‘Ta ta’  to tasteless crusts and #BeANaanconformist.

5. Chicken Kabobs with Grilled Naan

Put the kibosh on sub par kabobs with obsessible Stonefire® Naan. Naan is the perfect soft pillowy base for grilled chicken and vegetable kabobs.  Make your whole meal on the grill and make everyone at your table a happy camper. Adios average eats. #BeANaanconformist.

Ready to oust the ordinary and be a Naanconformist? We’re offering $1 off any Stonefire® product available here to get you started. Making meals with Stonefire® at home? Tag us  on Facebook or Instagram with your creations!