Meat and Cheese Everything Naan Dippers®

5 min Prep Time
0 min Cook Time

Versatile and tasty, Stonefire® Everything Naan Dippers® will take your lunchbox or appetizer spread to the next level! Baked in our patented tandoor tunnel oven, Naan Dippers® have all the authentic ingredients and flavor of our original naan in a bite sized form. This quick and easy recipe will satisfy any snack craving!

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  • 4-6 Stonefire® Everything Naan Dippers®
  • 4 thin slices of deli meat – ham or turkey or chicken
  • 8 green or red grapes
  • 7 cubes of cheese – choose your favorite


  • Place all items in your snack box – size can be adjusted according to hunger level!

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