Spicy Cuban Panini

5 Min Prep Time
2-3 Min Cook Time

Searching for a way to perk up a standard ham sandwich? How about a Spicy Cuban Panini on Stonefire® naan?  Oven Roasted Ham, roast pork, dill pickles and Provolone cheese on warm naan is just the easy dinner idea you’ve been looking for!  This recipe can be made using a panini press, grill pan or outdoor grill making it a go to any time of year!



  • Spread mustard on the bottom (not the bubbly, charred side) of one naan. Top with cheese, ham, pork, pickles and hot pepper rings.
  • Place the second naan, bottom side (not the bubbly, charred side) down, on top, pressing the two naan firmly together. (The “bubbly” side of each naan should be on the outside of the sandwich.)
  • Place sandwich in preheated panini press, or on hot grill, and toast 4 to 6 minutes, or until filling is heated through and grill marks appear.
  • Cool for about 1 minute before slicing. Serve immediately.